More Than Walls; Where To Begin?

When first conceptualizing "More Than Walls", it actually came as a different form. The idea was originally based around the collaboration of artistic entrepreneurs to form something in likes of a collective. As I started to expand on that idea more, I came to an essential aspect of sharing our stories about being entrepreneurs. I believe the labels and the success in which we associate ourselves come with the exaggerated thought of being bestowed the all mighty blue check of notoriety, and with such; the anxiety of fitting the focal of the world’s normalcy.

I saw a reality that wasn't as spoken about until one have reached the front line of social enthusiasts, and when thinking about an entrepreneur, what standards of success are we associating with its label? That in mind "More Than Walls" will become an outlet for those who want to share the transparency of their journey.

As I reflected upon my own entrepreneurial experience, I realized that my failures and shortcomings are both apart of the risk taken in bringing an idea to fruition, as well as a confirmation contrasting my success. If I felt this way and these are circumstances I have encountered, certainly there are others who have felt the same.

With the arts being the primary focus, I plan to impart more information to educate those interested in seeking life as an entrepreneur, collector or artist. By providing access to a range of real life situations of entrepreneurs who may or may not be that certified social star, “More Than Walls” intends to shed an important light upon the narratives that are being undermined due to the massive amount of clout seeking content among our media driven culture.

More Than Walls Graphic